39th West Indian Fair 2020

The GREAT AFROANTILLANA FAIR OF SAMAAP Feb 22-23, 2020 was held at the ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama City.

There was a variety of West Indian foods on sale, music, dances, in addition to Panamanian arts and crafts and more. Among the savory offerings there were: buns, yuca Pone/Bread Pudding. sorrell-pineapple drink. What with many local restaurants closed for the holidays, the fair provides a good alternative to stock up on weekend goodies.

Since the move from the museum grounds a few years ago to ATLAPA the attendance has been up. There were as usual a bunch of visitors from the diaspora as well as folks from Houston, Brooklyn, the District of Columbia, Florida, Atlanta and California. The proceeds will go toward preserving the history of the people who built — and continue to build — so much of Panama.

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